Quality, Assurance and Purity, three non-negotiable principles that form the foundation of our business giving us the privilege of successfully operating over the last decade or so.


Our in house master jewellery artisans have spent many years creating unique and bespoke designs, producing the finest jewellery using both traditional and modern techniques.

Each piece created goes through our rigorous and extensive production testing cycle to ensure the quality is perfect. From humble hand drawn beginnings through to producing state of the art CAD/CAM designs, our manufacturing process only has quality in mind.


Operating in a highly competitive market, we keep a keen eye on trends allowing us to tailor our exceptional range to our customer’s needs but still remaining ever conscious of price.

As we manufacturer all of our own diamond jewellery we can guarantee the integrity of our stones from the moment they are bought into our jewellery house.  All Julebox pieces, which are manufactured using natural gemstones and/or diamonds are independently certified by a UK based certification laboratory giving our customers assurance and peace of mind when purchasing from us.


Purity by its very definition refers to a state of quality and cleanliness.  With this in mind we use  of range materials, namely Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum when crafting our exquisite pieces.

All items we create using precious metals are Hallmarked and certified for purity at one of the UK’s four Hallmarking offices paying extra homage to the purity of our items.

We never compromise our principles, which is why we make Jewellery to be Treasured.