Browse our beautiful range of Amethyst jewellery here at Julebox. Using only genuine and certified gemstones, our jewellery represents the finest quality available at an affordable price.

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African Amethyst Choker Ring

Amethyst and Garnet Serpent Scale Ring

Amethyst Flower Earrings


Amethyst Flower Ring

Amethyst Sky Blue Topaz Smoky Thread Earrings

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Amethyst Three Pear Drop Pendant


Berry Burst Drop Earrings


Octo African Amethyst and White Topaz Ring

Octo Pink Amethyst Ring

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Purple Amethyst and Cubic Zirconia Ring

Purple Amethyst Bezel Ring

Purple Amethyst Roman Edge Ring

Rounded African Amethyst and White Topaz Ring

Tricolore Petal Ring

Tropical Burst Drop Earrings